Welcoming Nina Garstang to the Rêver Family

Welcoming Nina Garstang to the Rêver Family

Artist: Nina Garstang
Social: @ninagarstang

Nina’s  work contemplates the middle ground between what is real and what is not, pushing the view of the objects she paints to the point where they lose their identity, thus revealing an altered state of mind, that could be looking to the universe or travelling deep inside the body or both at the same time.

Pondering the medium of paint, exploring: the quality and viscosity of paint itself, redolent of current opinions of the tradition of painting in an increasingly virtual world where the screen dominates our lives and the psychological experience of creating a painting in this time. Flirting with the idea of Rorschach cards and likening the state of mind to that of theta brain wave state where creativity is at its most virial.

“The colours hit me up with their intensity, like chemicals chasing through my blood. It’s a visceral thing at first and then meaning emerges: I get rivers, seas and mountains, then into cells under microscopes, maps of the earth from space bleeding into brains and embryos, soft tissues and weather systems all on a single sheet of glass, yet it is still. I’m getting flashes of old masters too, like faces and scenes from other things I’ve seen dissolving away from me.”    Author & Poet Richard Lewis’s description of Nina’s glass paintings 

 Nina is a Royal College of Art post graduate Master of Arts in painting. Having exhibited nationally and internationally, highlights include ‘London Art’ fair in Chelsea, Scope Miami and Paradise RCA Milan Fine Art meets Design for Milan Design week. She has work in the private collections of Alex de Brye and public collection of 6KBW; She received the Stanley Smith Scholarship to the Royal College of Art.
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