Welcoming Ticiana to the Rêver Family

Despite only recently emerging on the Brighton scene, Ticiana’s work has caught the eye already with her striking style. Originating from a working-class London background, she prides her digital pieces on their accessibility. These sociological elements that drive her work stem from a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, providing a platform for the synergy between both her social observations and artistic invention.
Working digitally was the breeding ground for experimentation, fine tuning a
fascination with mimicking the medium of oil painting. Ticiana’s technique bridges the gap between both physical and digital art, transforming her aggressive, expressive brush strokes into a more modernised, virtual sphere whilst seamlessly constructing a beautiful blend of colours. The result: cooking up what could only seem like a fever dream.  
The goggly eyes and gangly aliens are a match made in heaven. Somewhat unnerving but intriguing, these chiselled creatures draw you into her world constructed on the premise of a prisoned, poisoned portal. Ticiana’s interpretation of these aliens as ambiguous individuals highlights that desire for a lack of conformity. The pastel colours soften a harsh reality depicted by the eyes trapped in the glass boxes. In essence: the eye is the window to the soul as the capitalist machine grinds on. Time to sell your soul?
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