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Brandon Seedhouse - Untitled Three

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  • Artist: Brandon Seedhouse
  • Artwork: Untitled Three - 2020
  • Edition: 01/01 Monoprint
  • Size: 42 x 59.4 cm
  • Material: Ink 
  • Framing: Unframed


Brandon Seedhouse is an artist & educator based in England. His work has been shown in London, New York & Japan.

Drawing upon influences from 1960’s counter culture, Zen Buddhist philosophy, Japanese aesthetics and the natural world, he explores themes on time, memory, gesture and experience.

His practice is grounded in the process of making and primarily engages with painting and print making methodology as to explore relationships between environment, material and gesture. The work is a response to his own personal encounters and experiences in the external world and the internal processing that occurs afterwards.

Once in the studio, these encounters and experiences are subjected to filtering, translation and abstraction through processes of construction, deconstruction, layering, recycling and sampling.

In Zen Buddhism, everything in existence is within a state of flux, evolving into something entirely new or dissolving into nothingness. Elements/fragmentations of these encounters and experiences are extracted and synthesised into images, objects and installations as a means to capture, visualise and advance the existence of them.

The aims for each work is to develop an image or object which entices the viewer to stop and look with a purposeful gaze. In doing so, subsequently becoming lost in the subtle or obvious details, until eventually they’re no longer looking at the work but through it. Moving inwards, into their own internal space where they can be in a meditative state, slow in thought and action.