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Jess Thacker Art

Jess Thacker - ''Aiir'' Original

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  • Artist: Jess Thacker
  • Artwork: ''Aiir''
  • Edition: 01/01
  • Size: 150cmx100cm
  • Material: Mixed Media


This piece is entitled “Aiir” inspired by Henry green . I painted this piece after an insane storm on the mountain. There was thunder and lightening for hours and we stood out on a high point just watching it all. It was so scary as the lightening was so close but we didn’t care as we was lost in the moment. The energy in the air was so intense and I could have stayed there all night. I truly felt alive ⚡️💫⛈

I am in love with Henry’s music and this song is just insane!! He creates music I haven’t heard before and his voice and lyrics are stunning. This song fits this painting perfectly.

I wanted to use colours that I see every day in Spain, the white for the clouds and houses, the blue for the sky which is the rain and lightening flowing through the piece, browns for the earth, mountains and rocks all around and the black to represents the clouds and the loud thunder.