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Jess Thacker Art

Jess Thacker - “And They Think We Are Mad”

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  • Artist: Jess Thacker
  • Artwork: “And they think we are mad”
  • Edition: 01/01
  • Size: 120x150cm
  • Material: Acrylic on canvas
  • Unframed


Song: “Feel the Energy” Sean Koch

 I painted over a bright beautiful painting to create this piece. I have hidden loads of messages in there but what was my point?

 Well, we all believe in something right? We all have a purpose to be here, some seek to find it, some don’t care and others take the wrong path. As people we watch the world go round and we think that it’s all because of us and it’s for us.

 It’s not, the world is much greater than us and we are destroying it bit by bit, harming animals, tearing down forests, dumping in the oceans.... the list goes on and on.

 During my trip in Spain I lived off grid, lived in nature, built from natural resources and washed in mountain water. I foraged for herbs and bought from local farmers. I used sola power and eco toilets. It was AMAZING!!!!! To go to sleep at night and not hear any cars, to not worry if someone was going to break in, to not pay bills, to walk my dog and not have fear that something might happen to her. I was completely free and we lived like queens.

 Granted it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it was an escape from the world we live in now. My stress vanished, my physical and mental health improved and I was the best version of myself. Phones and the internet have taken over and we want everything right now... everything is so easy. It made me realise that the things you have to work for in life are the things that are worth it, they make you so happy and to achieve what you have worked hard for gives a feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness.

 The universe is an amazing energy that we have lost connection to but it’s always there. I’ve asked for a lot recently and everything is falling into place for me and my life. Spending time with nature and yourself is the best medicine..... “Nobody ever said it's gonna be easy

So use the power received in your dreams”

 I want a different life, one that is in connection to the universe. A life that makes my soul happy and whole.

 You are a spirit in a body, not a body with a spirit. So making the body beautiful is fun but making the spirit beautiful is is main goal of life.