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Jess Thacker Art

Jess Thacker - “FU*K |T” Original

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  • Artist: Jess Thacker
  • Artwork: “FU*K |T”.
  • Edition: 01/01
  • Size: 120x100cm
  • Material: Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Unframed


 “FU*K |T”.

 I’m at a risky point in my life where I am diving in the deep end, giving everything I have and risking it all and it’s so dam exciting!!! I’m treading on thin ice BIG TIME!! But aren’t we all one way or another? Who doesn’t like a risk?? Who doesn’t wanna be free and do their own thing?? DIVE IN THE DEEP END MY FRIEND BECAUSE IT FUN!!!!!!!!

Song: satin PSICODELIC by @sunnicolon