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Jess Thacker Art

Jess Thacker - “I Wonder How Many Memories I’m In” Original

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  • Artist: Jess Thacker
  • Artwork: “I wonder how many memories I’m in”
  • Edition: 01/01
  • Size: 150x120cm
  • Material: Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Unframed


 Have you ever wondered how many memories you are in? Think how magical it is that when someone thinks of you all the memories that spark in their brain!! (Only good ones) all the dancing, nights out, adventures, laughter, the tears, the hilarious accidents, the love!!! Ah it just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!!!!


I hope you like this piece, I BLOODY LOVE IT!!! It took me ages to come up with the right way to put this onto a canvas and I’m so happy with it!!