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Jess Thacker Art

Jess Thacker - ''Will He''

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  • Artist: Jess Thacker
  • Artwork: ''Will He''
  • Edition: 01/01
  • Size: 90cmx70cm
  • Material: Acrylic


This piece is entitled “Will He” inspired byJoji

I wanted to start my new phase of exploring the flow of movement by using black and white. To use lines and structure to create something simple but eye catching.

This song has been on the waiting list for a painting as it’s so smooth and deep, it’s the way the beat is so strong and his voice is so soft. I am in love the lyrics in this song “ Will your tongue still remember the taste of my lips? (my lips, my lips, my lips)

Will your shadow remember the swing of my hips? (my hips, my hips, my hips) Will your lover caress you the way, that I did? (I did, I did, I did) Will you notice my charm, if he slips up one bit? (one bit)” So sexy!!