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JJ Adams - R2D2 Colman's

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  • Artist: JJ Adams
  • Artwork: R2D2 Colman's
  • Edition: 36/77 - Signed
  • Size: 86cm x 76cm
  • Material: Print
  • Framing: Framed


JJ Adams is a mixed media artist from South West England and Cape Town, South Africa.

"JJ Adams is the Frank Zappa of the UK Fine Art scene. I no longer walk past a gallery without looking in, he's taken icons and buildings we know so well and added a drop of his own brand of creative LSD".

Featured in Vogue & GQ and having worked alongside clients like Rolls Royce and Bang & Olufsen, JJ Adams is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most talked about and collectible artists. He is bold and confident in style often completely transforming celebrity images or iconic landmarks with his own inimitable edge and blurring the lines between new media, pop, fine art, digital art and photography. Read More Here