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Tiffany Barber - 'Unlucky in Love' Oil on Canvas

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  • Artist:  Tiffany Barber
  • Artwork: 'Unlucky in Love's'
  • Edition: 1/1
  • Size: H-80cm L-100cm
  • Medium: Oil on canvas



Tiffany Barber is a Scottish Artist based in Brighton, England.  Raised as an athlete, Tiffany always strived to be a painter. The disciplined nature of her upbringing is reflected in the meticulously detailed artworks she creates. A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, Tiffany pursued her passion and participated in a 4 year Painting BA(Hons) Degree and completed a study exchange at the Hungarian University of Fine Art in Budapest, Hungary.  Since Graduating in 2016, Tiffany's work has been inspired by the grand architecture & sculpture founded in these two cities.  

Within her practice, Tiffany mainly engages with imagery that is both ambiguous and provocative.  The artist attempts to turn the focus towards the viewer, highlighting aspects of their preconceptions in order to ultimately provoke a dialogue concerning the field of ideas raised by each artworks subject.

The compositions created are designed to perceive an image of obscurity.  The current artworks focus on fusing classism with contemporary to evoke reaction by conceptually and visually communicating current social issues. This has been previously demonstrated in her paintings through the use of the female form in combination with various intricate textures and details.  Tiffany continues to create oil paintings of sculptural masterpieces from renaissances onwards connecting us to the past and what lies ahead of us.